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Bob Corsaro,

Dear Friends,

After being in the laundry service business for over 50 years it was important to be with a company that I was comfortable with. I started in the business working for my brother repairing appliances. My next stop was with another family owned business, Gordon and Thomas Co. I found the same values at Spin Cycle, another family owned business. For me it's an opportunity to do the right thing for my loyal customers who made my career so satisfying and successful.

I needed to make sure that you would have the same quality of equipment and service that you were accustomed to. We use the best equipment available, and install it with rigorous attention to detail to ensure exceptional reliability. Plus, we provide the highest level of service of any laundry company in the area. The results are resident satisfaction, increased usage and the results you expect. We create an asset out of your laundry room. An asset that will help you attract the residents you want and enhance the value of your property.

The final piece that enticed me out of retirement was Spin Cycle's Plain Language Contract and the philosophy that it was based upon. In its simplest terms we do a better job than anyone else and don't need cycle retention, right of refusal, or automatic like term renewals. We are confident that our customers will continue their relationship with us because they want to. It's your choice. We know we have to earn your loyalty.

Not every laundry service company has the confidence to rely on a Plain Language Contract like Spin Cycle does. Let's get together soon so that we may review any existing contracts you have. Don't get caught by surprise when you think your contract is up or you don't get the income you were promised. Let us help you analyze your existing agreements and evaluate what your options are. We can help protect you from any of these disguised and overlooked clauses in other companies' contracts.

We only use a Plain Language Contract. See what its like to deal with Spin Cycle, the company that stands behind that contract.

Sincerely yours,

Bob Corsaro
Senior Vice President