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Why Choose Spin Cycle?

Spin Cycle laundry facilities feature state‑of‑the‑art Maytag washers and dryers, the most reliable in the industry. Our "smart card" system is easy to use and helps reduce the risk of vandalism and theft.

Personal Service:
Spin Cycle offers personalized service at each location. We welcome feed­back from owners and tenants
and post our toll‑free telephone number at every facility.

Product Service:
Spin Cycle responds to service calls within 24 hours. Over 95% of all repairs are completed within one visit.

The Spin Cycle system has been developed and improved over many years.

Spin Cycle laundry facilities are clean, brightly lit, safe environments.

When laundry facilities are improved, property values, improve. A better physical environment attracts responsi­ble tenants who value cleanliness and safety.